GCE Ltd.Web Design and Development Studio Global Consult Engineering Ltd. offers complete solutions for your personal or corporate website and much more!
The growing business requires the need for new customers.  Nowadays, the main driving force behind increasing the amount of counter-parties and sales is Internet. Any modern company that wants to be a market maker must have an appropriate presence in the global network that has led to the funding of our web design and development studio. At the moment, we can boast that we offer our customers a service that fully represent their business on the web. Our team of experienced (and not so experienced but with great desire for work)  developers and designers is capable of creating any customer’s desire as well as offering solutions according to the market situation. Each individual project is developed according to the specific business sector of the clients company and the techniques that have been approved  with the years in that field.
GCE Ltd.From our side we offer honesty, direct communication, 24/7 support, quick response until full customer satisfaction.
On your behalf the only thing we require is good reviews.

None of our projects is complete until our customers think so!

About us

Who We are

“Global Consult Engineering” Ltd. was founded in late 2013 as a family company. Between 2013 and 2015, the company’s core business is in the field of consulting services. For two years, the company developed network of regular customers and is striving to provide its customers constantly growing range of services. Nowadays we have achieved full administrative, investment and marketing services. Thanks to services related to development of projects to the national and European funds, together with our customers, that have become our permanent partners, we have mastered investments worth over 1.5 million euros. Thanks to the management systems developed and implemented by Global Consult Engineering Ltd. in accordance with ISO international standards, our clients have consolidated their position in the global market and have become leaders.

Idea GCE Ltd.

At the end of 2016 was born the idea of adding another new service requiring creation of Web Design and Development Studio “Global Consult Engineering” Ltd. Web Development, Web Programming and Graphic Design teams were created. Each team has its supervisor who takes care of the constant development and utilization of the current techniques and technologies offered on the market. With the increasing number of customers, our teams of developers and designers are rising. Since mid-2017, 24-hour support is also available to help our customers not to comply with opening hours or time zones. The services are performed both in Bulgarian for our local customers and in English for our international partners.

Our Vision

The vision of Web Design and Development Studio Global Consult Engineering Ltd. is that there is no project, job, or order to refuse or not to be able to realize. We strive, through the constant development of our teams, to turn the logo of GCE Ltd. in a guarantee of perfect quality. We maintain constant communication with our customers and keep them in flow with the entire project implementation process. Thanks to our personal attitude, our clients become, in time, our friends!

The mission of Web Design and Development Studio Global Consult Engineering Ltd. is to be a major part of your business development. We try to reach real, noticeable results in your earnings, thanks to which, you to be happy with our work and give us a good estimate. Together with the main marketing and advertising techniques, one of the best opportunities to increase customer’s number remains a good rating and reference.



Our Team

eng. Diyan Hristev

eng. Diyan Hristev


Telephone +359 895 718 089
E-mail diyan.hristev@gce-bg.eu

Stefan Stefanov

Stefan Stefanov

Head of Web Development

Telephone +359 897 211 415
E-mail stefan.stefanov@gce-bg.eu

Peter Karchev

Peter Karchev

Web Developer

Telephone +359 883 306 582
E-mail peter.karechev@gce-bg.eu

Milen Stefanov

Milen Stefanov

Head of Finance and Accounting Department

Telephone +359 883 432 571
E-mail milen.stefanov@gce-bg.eu

Services and Prices

Web Design and Development Studio “Global Consult Engineering” Ltd. offers its clients and partners a service for complete design and development of personal and corporate websites. All of our projects comply with current standards and techniques in the field of information technology.

Hosting and Domain

HostingBefore starting the website development process, you need to select a hosting plan and a domain name for your page. The hosting plan is chosen according to the project, taking into account the type of the web page, expected data traffic and, of course, the most cost-effective solution. We conduct research and assessment and provide the offers from our partners.
Domain name is the name of your page on the global network. It is selected according to the name of your company, your business and, of course, according to your desire. From our side we check the availability and provide you with a list of available domain names and their prices.

Graphic Design


The first phase of developing a website is the design of the visual look. Our studio works both on customer’s design and on design developed by us.
The process of designing the page from us is done in several steps. The first step is to collect information from the client (company’s basic colors, logo and other available graphic materials, sample pages of competitors or just pages that the customer likes). Subsequently, we develop an exemplary design for the customer and submit it for approval. Our staff is in constant contact with the customer to eliminate any inconsistencies with the design concept of the customer. After reaching full compliance, we move on to clarification of the functionality.



The functionality of your page determines the capabilities and functions that users of the web page will have. It is specified according to your business sphere, current market practices and your wishes. Our specialists are looking for feedback from the customer after completing each module and, if necessary, making adjustments.


ContentThe content is provided by the customer. Our specialists provide guidance, but no one knows your business better than yourself. We handle content processing to meet search engine optimization standards and requirements, and process the graphical materials provided to maximize quality and performance.

CMS (Content Management System)


Web Design and Development Studio Global Consult Engineering Ltd. offers its clients the opportunity to implement the desired page to a CMS (Content Management System) through which the user can configure and administer the content and functionality of his website without any knowledge in the field of programming and IT technologies.

Online Store


We can offer our customers development of a fully functional online store, which lead to great increases of the sales of your company. There is an opportunity to integrate all online payment systems with guaranteed security.




Nowadays, the practice of providing information transfer services among consumers is widely spread in web pages of large institutions and various types of societies of common interest. The best way to do this is through an open forum. Our studio offers you the development and configuration of a variety of forums to your website.

Responsive Design

Responsive DesigtnAll our projects have implemented responsive design, which makes it possible to work with the website of any type of device, whether mobile or desktop. The pages we have developed have a tested functionality and a well-developed design, no matter what device the user uses.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Search engine optimization is one of the most important steps in the realization of a project. The modern method of discovering a service provider or purchasing a product is through search engines (Google, Yahoo !, Bing, Yandex), which makes optimization a necessity.  Thanks to its high quality performance, a large number of impressions are achieved and it is guaranteed that your site will be seen by the right user mass, which will not only looks at it,but they will buy your products, or take advantage of the services offered. The search engine optimization process is done through a variety of tools and content manipulation to achieve good positioning. The result of the optimization we seek is not only a large number of visits but the right people to be guided to the right place.

Maintenance and Update


Studio Web Design and Development “Global Consult Engineering” Ltd, at your request, undertakes maintenance and updating of your website. We take up the update of your content with information you’ve provided, as well as updating the design and functionality to make your performance on the global network at the same level at all times.



Studio Web Design and Development “Global Consult Engineering” Ltd boasts with some of the most attractive prices for our services locally and globally. Upon your request, within one working day we prepare a detailed technical and pricing offer that gives you a clear idea of what you will spend your money on.


Easter Discount

Web Design & Development Studio – GCE Ltd. offers a 20% discount for all new projects from 04.04.2018 to 24.04.2018. The discount is valid for offers prepared before 24.04.2018 and refers to the total price specified in the offer. If you need new personal or corporate website, now is the perfect moment to get it …

Quality assurance, test and validation: 10 steps to a website without bugs and errors

Every new website has many features and functions. In general, there are many things that can go wrong. These are ten steps that you have to follow to ensure that your website is free of bugs and errors: Check the content. Your content must be consistent, grammatically correct, and without punctuation and factual errors. Validate …


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    Politerm Ltd. - Industrial equipment for thermal treatment
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    Galera 07 Ltd. - Shipbuilding and ship repair
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    MBI - Bulgaria Ltd. - Production of earthmoving buckets and demolition equipment
  • www.protech-services.com
    Pro-Tech Services Ltd. - Ship spare parts and ship supply services
  • www.gce-bg.eu
    Global Consult Engineering Ltd. - Business consulting services
  • www.radenkoviconsult.eu
    Radenkovi Consult Ltd. - Accounting company
  • www.intermedica-bg.com
    Medical Center Intermedica Ltd. - Medical center for treatment of people suffering from mental disorders
  • www.prettyparty-bg.eu
    Waves International Ltd. - Online store for party supplies
  • www.ocl.bg
    Orient Chartering & Logistic Ltd. - HazMat Experts & IHM preparation
  • www.mgcarp.bg
    MG CARP BG Ltd. - Official representative for Bulgaria of the Romanian bait and fishing food company MG Special Carp.

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