Quality assurance, test and validation: 10 steps to a website without bugs and errors

Quality Assurance

Every new website has many features and functions. In general, there are many things that can go wrong.

These are ten steps that you have to follow to ensure that your website is free of bugs and errors:

  1. Check the content. Your content must be consistent, grammatically correct, and without punctuation and factual errors.
  2. Validate it using the most popular web browsers. Your web site should look and function the same way regardless of the web browser you are using. We test our projects in Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  3. Test the page on all modern devices. The functionality and the visual look of the site should be comfortable and enjoyable regardless of the device you are using. We test our projects on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and a wide variety of Android smart-phones from different manufacturers.
  4. Validate all links. Each link should take you to the right place – whether it’s another page on your website or a completely different website.
  5. Check all fonts and styles. Your fonts should be of constant style and size, and the look of your website should match the original design.
  6. Validate website security. Check that each page that needs to be high-security, such as an e-shop page, a form in which confidential information or an individual entry is filled has the appropriate protection.
  7. Check all online forms. If your website has any on-line forms, make sure you can fill them in and that the send buttons works. Also, check that the data submitted through the form is collected and stored as required.
  8. Validate email notifications according to requirements. Make sure that all notifications are received by the appropriate administrator according to the functionality, and whether their content is the same as it should be.
  9. Make sure that any custom functionality (booking systems, order systems, etc.) works as expected.
  10. And many more … Every website is different and there are more things that can and should be tested according to the specific functionality.

Our team in Web Design and Development Studio “Global Consult Engineering” Ltd. makes a full functional and visual validation of all our projects before their submission to the client.

Quality Assurance

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