Why do we need SEO (optimization for search engines)?

SEOSEO optimization is a process that aims to rank the site in the top position in the most popular search engines. The goal is to rank not only the title page of the website but any page of it.

Let’s look at the world’s most popular search engine. When you search for a particular key word or phrase, Google displays on the first page 10 results (so-called “organic results”), before or after the paid ads. Paid ads have no relation to SEO optimization. Only the first 3-4 positions have huge number of visits and with each subsequent position the percentage of visits decreases drastically. This is of great importance to any business, isn’t it?

SEOThe number of visits to different Google positions varies depending on what users are looking for. If a customer is looking for something that is not usually selected for 10 minutes, such as a home, for example, he or she will not be limited to the first 3 results. Let’s look at another example. Let’s imagine that a customer is looking to buy a cheap electric appliance and searches for Google’s keywords “blender Varna”. In this case, the practice shows that mass users only choose the first 2-3 results. From what has been said so far, no matter what your business is, you should be in the top 2-3 places on Google to have more visits from potential customers.

SEOThe site optimization process is strictly individual, depending on your business sector, your company, and your financial opportunity to invest in SEO optimization. It is extremely important to consult an SEO specialist who will lead the organization process in order to achieve the goals set and keep the results.

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