What is a single page website?

One Page SiteThere is nothing worse than the cluttered website. Not only does it look unprofessional but also loses your customers. Statistically, 55% of all users will only spend 15 seconds on your company’s website before they lose interest and leave. Less traffic means fewer conversions – so if you rely heavily on customers attracted online, the chances of your cluttered page to harm your business are greater than attracting new customers.
Fortunately, more and more companies are finding a simple solution to this problem by promoting them through a single page website.

What is a single page website?

The term “single page website” is exactly what it sounds – although, to be able to properly develop such a website type, you have to pay attention to a lot of things.
Simply put, a single page website is a website that generates a single HTML page. Most websites on a single page have a navigation menu, like standard pages. Still, instead of sending you to different HTML pages, choosing a menu item just scrolls the page and transfers users to a predetermined position (HTML anchor) somewhere on the site’s page. This is usually achieved through JavaScript, CSS3, Ajax, and jQuery.

Why are single page websites good for business?

The benefits of developing a single-page website are clear from the user’s point of view, but also many corporate customers benefit from using them.
First of all, developing a one page site will almost always be faster than taking the time to clarify the content to create a larger web site filled with smaller pages. The design process usually takes a little more time when creating a one page site because the HTML is a bit more complex, but in the long run it’s usually a quicker option. Webpages on one page are also much easier to maintain when the content needs updating because all the content is in front of you.

Are there shortcomings on a single page websites?

One-page sites can be incredibly dynamic and uniquely simple marketing tools to help your business, but that does not mean they are ideal for everyone.
Some developers have stated that switching a multi-page site to a single-page website could be detrimental to your company’s online visibility. This is because when all your company information is on a single page, you will not have the benefit of being able to index multiple pages with different keywords and meta descriptions that can help your products and services get appear as a result of not so much specific searches in search engines.
This is a search engine optimization problem (SEO), and it is not guaranteed to affect any website or business and may sometimes work for a company by strengthening the authority of your page on a more limited set of key words.
After all, only you know what’s right for your business. Be sure to conduct a survey before choosing to experiment with a website on a single page and make sure that the one page website works with you rather than against you.

If you are not sure enough about your decision, you can contact the team of Global Consult Engineering Ltd. – Web Design & Development Studio and we can conduct analysis and research for you.

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